Summertime is salad time!

Create your own signature salad with an array of great New Zealand grown fresh vegetables.  Whether you are making the salad a meal or an accompaniment, it’s time to get adventurous and let your culinary imagination explore some new combos.

Try these delicious and colourful combos:

- add radish and or celery leaves to salad greens

- julienne the stems of cauliflower or broccoli and add to potato salads for extra crunch

- peel strips of cucumber, carrot and fennel

- toss grated raw carrot and beetroot with some chilli sauce for a fiery red salad

- dress coleslaw with peanut oil and garnish with plenty of chopped mint

- cook extra potatoes or kumara and use them the next day as the basis of a salad

- try chilled salads like gazpacho

- stir spinach leaves through warm salads

- use a variety of raw, blanched, roasted or chargrilled vegetables

Happy salad-summer days!

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