BLOG NEWS: congratulates Jinu Abraham on winning the 2012 Vegetarian dish challenge!

Jinu Abraham, Executive Chef of the Heritage Hotel Auckland, won the NZ Vegetarian Dish Challenge 2012. Congratulations Jinu!

Poached baby vegetables with crispy celeriac, candied walnuts and macadamia cheese

Poached baby vegetables
500g baby carrots
500g baby turnips, peeled
500g baby beets, peeled
200 ml extra virgin olive oil
3 sprigs thyme
3 bay leaves
salt to taste

Place each vegetable in a separate plastic bag, add olive oil, a thyme sprig, bay leaf and salt.
Cook in combi oven on 85°C; carrots and turnips for 30 minutes, beetroot for 60 minutes. Remove from oven and chill the packets immediately in chilled ice water.

To make at home: lightly steam each vegetable until just cooked.

Dehydrated black olives
200g black olives

Place olives in a dehydrator at 70°C for 72 hours, remove and chop.

Crispy celeriac
1 celeriac, peeled
canola oil, hot
salt and pepper to taste

Grate celeriac with micro plane. Cook in hot oil for 10 minutes until golden brown.
Place celeriac on a tray with absorbent paper to drain and cool. Add salt and pepper.

Beet paint
6 roasted baby beets
1 tsp freeze-dried beetroot powder
1 Tbsp verjuice
1 Tbsp glucose, warm
salt to taste

Place beets in a blender, add beetroot powder and verjuice and blend until smooth. Add the warm glucose and mix to paint consistency.

Macadamia cheese
270g macadamia nuts
powder from 6 probiotic capsules
2 Tbsp yeast flakes
1 Tbsp onion powder
white pepper to taste
pinch nutmeg

Cover nuts with cold water and soak for 12-14 hours. Drain and rinse the nuts under warm water. Add the probiotic powder to the nuts and puree until smooth. Place in 2 layers of wet muslin cloth and squeeze out the moisture. Place in warm place for 14-16 hours to allow the culture to work.
Place in a bowl; add yeast flakes, onion powder, pepper and nutmeg and mix. Roll into logs.

Candied walnuts
90g castor sugar
150g walnuts
1 tsp salt

Make a caramel with the castor sugar.
Add the walnuts to the caramel, swirl around, and then put on a drip tray till cooled down.

Assembly: paint a plate with the beetroot paint, season baby vegetables and place on plate, then place the rest of the ingredients.
Garnish with micro leaves and dress with vinaigrette.

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