Video on growing and freezing sweet corn

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A video has been made by about growing and freezing sweet corn; to view it click here.

About sweet corn

Corn or maize came from the American continent but is now grown throughout the world.

In grain form, maize is the staple diet for American Indians in Mexico, Peru and Southern North America. A sweet version of maize was developed, resulting in the name sweet corn, and it became a popular fresh vegetable in the 1960s. Several varieties are available; some with white kernels and others with a mix of yellow and white kernels. Varieties differ in sweetness, and recently super-sweet varieties have become available.

What to look for

Choose sweet corn with fresh green husks and soft yellow to light brown tassels - the darker the tassels, the riper the sweet corn. The kernels should be plump, pale and tightly arranged. The kernels darken as the sweet corn matures. Varieties vary in sweetness and colour – yellow and white and sometimes bi-coloured. There is no consistent relationship between colour and sweetness, but the darker the colour the greater presence of carotenoids.

Sweet corn is usually available commercially from January to April.

More information on sweet corn can be found here.

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