What vegetables do you barbecue?

Recent Australian research shows lettuce is the most popular vegetable eaten at a barbecue so try something different this summer and grill it.

A wide range of vegetables are capable of being eaten at the traditional family barbecue, either in salads, cooked on the barbecue, or as part of a tasty and colourful vegetable kebab for the grill.

Over 500 Australians were recently surveyed in a study which showed that the following vegetables were used at barbecues: lettuce 29%, cucumbers 22%, capsicums 20%, sweetcorn 17%, courgettes 11%, cabbage 11%, celery 10%, baby spinach 10%.

The research was funded by the Australian National Vegetable Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.

The full story can be read at http://ausveg.com.au/media-release/research-reveals-most-popular-veggie-bbq-hits

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