Our strategy

Vegetables.co.nz aims to be the key point of contact for high-quality resources and information on fresh New Zealand-grown vegetables.


Ensuring the future health of all New Zealanders by encouraging greater consumption of fresh New Zealand-grown vegetables.

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The promotion of New Zealand grown vegetables

Vegetables.co.nz is focused on inspiring young Kiwis to develop a love for fresh, healthy New Zealand grown vegetables. We are a key organisation in vegetable promotion, and our activities are designed to support and enhance the actions of other groups.

Our information and imagery focuses on vegetables grown right here in New Zealand and how these fit within our national Eating and Activity guidelines. These guidelines are developed by the Ministry of Health and are designed to encourage kiwis to make food choices that will support good health.

To help Kiwis develop a love for locally grown vegetables, and develop the skills to enjoy them, vegetables.co.nz provides information on:

  • Growing vegetables and seasonality
  • Recipe ideas
  • Storage tips
  • Nutrition
  • Preparation and cooking
  • Teaching tools

Evidence-based and peer-reviewed activities include:

  • Key influencer partnerships
  • Program in schools  - Food Skills for Life
  • Culinary competitions
  • Health promotions
  • Columns and newsletters
  • Social media including video content
  • Recipe leaflets
  • Event participation