Easy tips to Add One More Vegetable

How might YOU add one more vegetable to your day?

Try a new snack, or throw some spinach in a brekkie smoothie. Grated veg like carrots or courgettes are delicious in baking, so is mashed pumpkin or kūmara. A chopped onion is a tasty start to many meals.

So many ways to just add one more into your day and every little bit of veg is a great step to better health. Don't hold back - just chuck it in!

If you're looking for more inspiration, try some of these top tips:

making a sandwich

Making a sandwich?

Add pieces of lettuce, or slices of cucumber, or tomato. Try grated carrot or spread on some avocado.

snacking at desk

Snacking at the desk or filling a lunchbox?

Grab sticks of celery, carrot or cucumber and your favourite dip. Try corn wheels or cherry tomatoes.


Making a salad or coleslaw?

Add thinly sliced beetroot, or kohlrabi, or small pieces of broccoli and cauliflower. Throw in left-over roast vegetables or a handful of rocket leaves.

got fussy eaters

Got some fussy eaters?

Grate vegetables like carrots, zucchini, kūmara or pumpkin into dishes like curries, frittatas, soups, pasta or muffins!

pimp up your meals

Pimp up your meals

Add a can of tomatoes or a few handfuls of frozen vegetables. Use grated cauliflower for rice and zucchini for 'zoodles'.

smoothie v2

Blend into smoothies

Add leafy greens, like spinach or kale to fruit smoothies, or try vegetable juices using carrots, cucumber or beetroot.

asparagus card

Got some vegetables past their best?

Refresh limp broccoli or asparagus in a glass of water. Soft carrots, parsnips, or pumpkins can be grated into dishes or boiled with potatoes for a super veg-mash.

save money card veg stock

Less waste - more goodness

Get more $ value - use the tops of leeks, celery, and carrots in a homemade stock. Use stalks of broccoli in stir-frys.