Why 'Add One More Vegetable' is important

Vegetables are a big part of healthy diets. Packed full of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, antioxidants and other phytonutrients, they offer so much goodness and help keep us in good health.

The Ministry of Health recommends we eat five servings of vegetables (or more) every day. One serving is 75g. While some people do hit the mark, many don’t meet this recommendation. Our latest NZ Health Survey (2022/23) showed only one in nine adults achieve this.

The reasons for not meeting recommendations are many and varied but include cost, perceived value, lack of time to prepare, lack of skills, disinterest/dislike, concern about waste, etc.

For those who may currently be eating none, or only one to two serves every day, a target of five can seem fairly daunting.

Add One More Vegetable is an initiative, launched in 2024, to bring a new message about vegetables. It is deliberately simple, positive, and easy to achieve.

It is a message for all population groups.

Vegetables hold an enviable position within food guidelines as government recommendations do not specify a daily limit, i.e. the recommendation is five or more every day. So a simple message of Add One More Vegetable is relevant to every population subgroup, including those who may already eat five servings every day.

With a few simple tips and tricks, more kiwis can increase their vegetable intake, by adding another handful or two to their diet every day.

Even just one more serve is a great result. Start small and build up.