Eating fresh vegetables every day helps maintain good health. However, it can be difficult to convince children of this fact. When given a choice between a sweet, or a piece of raw vegetable, e.g. carrot, most children will choose the sweet. However, if there is no other choice, they will happily eat the carrot.

This section contains information on which vegetables to eat during pregnancy and lactation, and when your baby is ready for solids look at Preparing vegetables for baby.

Children and teenagers can learn to enjoy vegetables; look at Vegetables for children and Vegetables for teenagers for some great suggestions.

Vegetables, especially the brightly coloured ones, are packed with many of the nutrients that your body needs to maintain good health and energy; see Nutrition.

Research has proved that people who eat fresh vegetables every day are less likely to suffer from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Offering your children a selection of fresh vegetables will increase how many vegetables they will eat.

To get the most from the nutrients in fresh vegetables every day if possible choose vegetables from each of the five colour groups; red, white/brown, green, blue/purple, yellow/orange.

Visit the other pages in this section for advice and information to help your family enjoy eating fresh New Zealand vegetables.