Food Skills For Life

Knowing how to prepare nutritious and delicious food is a life skill. Enjoying meals together with others and eating well sets us up for good health, both physically and mentally. 'Food Skills for Life' is designed to help teachers and students do just that - develop a life skill for good health. and the Heart Foundation developed Food Skills for Life in partnership, working with teachers also. The programme provides food teachers of year 7 and year 8 (also years 9 through to 13), with resources to help inspire students to cook meals and dishes with plenty of vegetables, within their own budget, cultural and time constraints.

See the programme in action here with students at Waimea Intermediate in Richmond (2023)

The programme is periodically reviewed through a survey of teachers. The latest survey was completed in 2023 as part of a student's Master in Dietetics project with the University of Auckland. The full report is available here

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