Barbecued vegetables

Vegetables are easy to prepare and barbecue with a most impressive result.


canola oil spray
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
vegetables as suggested below

− onion rings with sprigs of fresh rosemary or sage
− capsicum wedges with sliced shallots
− beans or asparagus with sesame seeds
− sweet corn on the cob
− sliced courgettes with peeled sliced garlic

Nutritional content depends on which vegetables are selected. The NIP provides nutrition analysis for equal parts of all vegetables suggested.


Slice washed vegetables into similar sized pieces. Leave vegetables such as beans and asparagus whole.
Place vegetables on a large piece of foil. Spray with oil. Add freshly ground black pepper. Fold foil to form a secure parcel.
Place on barbecue. Turn over half way through cooking time.
As a guide, tomatoes will take about 8 minutes, however, kūmara may take up to 30 minutes.
Remove from heat and very carefully unwrap the foil as the steam will escape.

Tip: pre or partially boil, steam or microwave, sliced, dense vegetables, such as kūmara or carrots.