The Horticulture sector gathers to share successes

4 August 2023

Under the banner 'Sharing successes to strengthen our future' the Horticulture sector gathered this week in Christchurch.  A valuable opportunity for us to chat with growers and suppliers, understand challenges and learn more about exciting new opportunities ahead in this vibrant and essential sector.

Many presentations served timely reminders of the great challenges for the horticulture industry, including labour shortages, extreme climatic events, broken infrastructure, rising costs and regulatory obligations, but there remains a buoyant optimism and exciting vision for the way forward. 

People's livelihoods depend on a thriving horticulture industry but even more importantly, every person, young and old, depends on a supply of healthy and delicious foods such as vegetables. It is encouraging to see the industry working through the challenges and connecting with others to build a solid future.