Build a salad bowl

Make your own salad bowl by using the suggested ingredients, or choose your own. Ring the changes with different salad or vinaigrette dressings from our website. Watch the video on how to build a salad bowl.


Build a salad bowl


Serves 4

2 cups cooked rice
1 carrot, grated
1 cup thinly sliced cucumber
1 cup thinly sliced lettuce
1 cup grated beetroot
400g flaked canned tuna
½ cup honey and mustard dressing
2 Tbsp chopped parsley, for garnish


Place rice in a bowl and add carrot, cucumber, lettuce and beetroot.
Place tuna on the top.
Drizzle with dressing.
Serve, sprinkled with parsley.

Watch the videos on making salad dressings and vinaigrette dressings

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