Microgreens are seedlings of herbs and salad greens.

They offer many exciting new textures, colours and flavours. Being so immature, the flavour is exceptionally intense. They are added to salads and used as edible garnishes.

Microgreens can be grown from the seed of almost any vegetable. They are harvested 7-21 days after planting. They are sold as blends of different seeds as well as single varieties such as coriander, rocket, red chard, basil, sango and watercress.

What to look for

Crisp leaves with vibrant colouring.


A range of varieties ensures supply all year.


Refrigerate in paper bags or in the crisper. Use within 5-6 days of purchase.

Ways to eat

Use as a garnish with a dish of complementary flavour. Store in refrigerator and add to dishes as a garnish just before serving. 


There is little research in New Zealand on the nutritional profile of microgreens but international research suggests that they have higher levels of nutrients such as vitamins C and E and beta carotene compared to the mature plants. However, more New Zealand based research is needed to verify this.


Customers may not know how to use microgreens, so use the QR code on labels.

Store at 2-5°C with a relative humidity of 90-100%. The optimum storage temperature is 0°C, but because of the risk of freezing, a slightly higher temperature is recommended.

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