Pickled capsicums 600x450

Roast garlic and anchovy spread

Savour the big strong flavours - delicious on toast or try on a baked kūmara.

Chilli beans with eggs 600x450

Chilli beans with eggs

Sweet corn, capsicums and tomatoes combine well with chilli beans and eggs in this tasty and easy-to-make dish. Watch the video on how to make it.

Pickled capsicums 600x450

Roast garlic in oil

Especially for garlic lovers. A great snack to keep in the refrigerator and nibble with some cheese or crackers.

Iceberg lettuce with orange red capsicum 600x450

Iceberg lettuce with orange and red capsicum

The simplicity of this crisp iceberg lettuce salad pairs well with barbecued chicken or meat.

Home style sweet corn relish 600x450

Home style sweet corn relish

Try this delicious home made sweet corn relish with cold meat or mix with sour cream to make a dip.

Blushing wedges 600x450

Blushing wedges

These are so delicious they are sure to become a favourite for the whole family.

Vegetable and lentil curry 600x450

Vegetable and lentil curry

A subtle delicious curry packed with legumes and other goodies.

Vegetable chilli con carne 600x450

Vegetable chilli con carne

Family favourite! Serve with smashed avocado and extra halved cherry tomatoes – delicious.

Quinoa with roast carrots onions 600x450

Quinoa with roast carrots and onions

Quinoa is one of the world's oldest grains and originally came from South America.

Asian greens and carrot laksa 600x450

Asian greens and carrot laksa

New Zealand grown carrots are a tasty addition to this popular chilli and coconut dish.

Mangalorean tomato curry 600x450

Mangalorean tomato curry

A tasty curry to serve with grilled meat or fish.

Vegetable and chicken fried rice 600x450

Vegetable and chicken fried rice

Thanks to our friends at Pacific Heartbeat for this tasty and nutritious recipe. Be sure to use New Zealand frozen mixed vegetables

Cottage pie 600x450

Cottage pie

A quick and easy pie loaded with vegetables the whole family will enjoy.

Tandoori vegetable soup 600x450

Tandoori vegetable soup

Naan bread or roti is especially good served with this soup.

Noodles and vegetable snack 600x450

Noodles and vegetable snack

This is great for serious after-school munchies.

Carrot oaty bites 600x450

Carrot oaty bites

A great snack - tasty and healthy!

Carrot and banana slice 600x450

Carrot and banana slice

A versatile recipe that could be served as a slice, cake or muffins.

Braised pork with vegetables 600x450

Braised pork with vegetables

Use this recipe to make sliders (as in the video) with pulled pork and coleslaw, or pulled pork wraps with salad leaves, corn salsa, slices of red onion and tomato. Watch the video on how to make this

Purple carrot spread 600x450

Purple carrot spread

A vibrant coloured and tasty spread. There is no need to peel the carrots.

Celery carrot and ham bake 600x450 v2

Celery, carrot and ham bake

Serve all year round, however, it is especially good using Christmas ham.

Citrus carrots and courgettes 600x450

Citrus carrots and courgettes

The orange rind and juice give this carrot and courgette stir fry added flavour.

Celeriac leek potato gratin 600x450

Celeriac, leek and potato gratin

Serve this delicious dish with grilled meats or with crusty bread and a salad for a great lunch.

Fennel soup 600x450

Fennel soup

Fennel has a distinct aniseed flavour when raw, but when cooked, it tastes more like celery.

Tomato and kumara soup 600x450

Tomato and kūmara soup

Really good to eat all year round.