Red onion cucumber bean salad 600x450

Red onion, cucumber and bean salad

A delicious summer salad.

Vegetable pickle 600x450

Vegetable pickle

A jar of this pickle is a popular and colourful gift.

Green beans with dill shallots 600x450

Green beans with dill and shallots

Yummy - and looks good too.

Green bean salad 600x450

Green bean salad

Fresh green beans are delicious served this way. Watch the video on how to make it.

Build a salad bowl 600x450

Build a salad bowl

Make your own salad bowl by using the suggested ingredients, or choose your own.

Asparagus with aioli 600x450

Asparagus with aioli

Be ready for the next New Zealand asparagus season and make your own aioli with lite mayo and roasted garlic.

Capsicum beetroot chicken salad 600x450

Capsicum, beetroot and chicken salad

With its fresh flavours this salad makes a colourful lunch dish.

Roasted orange vanilla beetroot 600x450

Roasted orange and vanilla beetroot

Vanilla paste is an ingredient which adds a great flavour and smoothness to a dish.

Beetroot sticks 600x450

Beetroot sticks

Jazz up this dish by using yellow and red beetroot and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.

Broccoli beef stir fry 600x450

Broccoli and beef stir fry

This tasty stir fry is quick and packed with vegetables.

Broccoli chicken stir fry 600x450

Broccoli and chicken stir fry

Broccoli is available all year round and is the vegetable ingredient in this yummy stir fry.

Vege rice quinoa cakes 600x450

Vege, rice and quinoa cakes

Combine a variety of vegetables with cooked rice and quinoa to make these 'cakes' - they are a filling and fun snack.

Vegetables noodles 600x450

Vegetables and noodles

This delicious salad can also be made without beef.

Pizza with courgette base 600x450

Courgette pizza

A novel twist to the humble pizza, and it includes even more vegetables! Watch the video on how to make the pizza.

Stuffed capsicums 600x450

Stuffed capsicums

Long red capsicums are so sweet and so delicious. However you can use any red capsicum for this dish.

Summer char roasted Vegetables 600x450

Summer char roasted Vegetables

The intense taste of roasted vegetables is really enhanced by the wonderful garlic and lemon flavours in this recipe.

Warm spinach chicken Cajun salad 600x450

Warm spinach and chicken Cajun salad

To add extra 'heat', sprinkle additional Cajun seasoning on the chicken before cooking.

Roasted red capsicum spread 600x450

Roasted red capsicum spread

This is our version of Muhammara, a popular Syrian dish.

Turnips capsicum and cumin 600x450

Turnips, capsicum and cumin

Baby turnips look great and are delicious to eat.

Pickled capsicums 600x450

Pickled capsicums

As tasty as they are attractive – store in the refrigerator. Use deseeded and chopped in salads, paninis and pastas. The Pickled capsicums are in the back jar on the left.

Capsicum and onion salad 600x450

Capsicum and onion salad

No matter what time of year, served with hot or cold foods, this salad works well and tastes fabulous.

Pasta with tomato capsicum sauce 600x450

Pasta with tomato and capsicum sauce

Fresh pasta sauce is delicious and easy to make.

Capsicum tomato chorizo bake 600x450 v2

Capsicum, tomato and chorizo bake

A simply and tasty one-tray meal. The spicy chorizo and smoky paprika and a touch of sing to this dish.

Capsicum and barley salad small

Capsicum and barley salad

Adding capsicum and spring onion to cooked barley makes a hearty salad.