Braised witloof with miso dressing L v3

Witloof with miso citrus dressing

This is a stunning side dish, with tangy citrus flavours and delicious miso.

Cauliflower and tuna macaroni cheese

Cauliflower and tuna macaroni cheese

A great recipe to Add One More Veg - try chopped spinach or diced broccoli

Veges 8 v2

Eggplant ratatouille

Serve with fresh vegetables or as a dip with crusty bread.

Greek country salad L v2

Greek country salad

A taste of Greek holidays if you have been lucky enough to visit.

Veges 3

Pork mince lettuce cups

These Asian inspired pork mince filled lettuce cups make a delicious light meal.

Fried rice v2

Vegetable fried rice

The whole family will love this veg packed fried rice - challenge yourself to Add One more Veg.

Veges 4

Potato and pea curry

Add One More Veg with cauliflower florets or chopped spinach.

Veges 5

Beetroot, watercress and broad bean salad

Try beetroot, watercress and blue cheese – it's a tasty combination.

Veges 12

Mini frittatas

Hearty finger foods or a light lunch.

Veges 6

Carrot and cumin dip

Roasted carrots with cumin provide a fantastic flavour in this dip.

rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls

Use a combination of seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs as fillings in these rice paper rolls.

Rocket Broccoli pasta salad L

Rocket and broccoli pasta

Try using wonderful fresh asparagus in spring.

Vegetarian lasagne

Vegetarian lasagne

Make this with seasonal veg, summer or winter. A real crowd pleaser

Cucumber and yoghurt dip L

Cucumber and yoghurt dip

Also known as tzatziki. Fresh and delicious.

Warm Courgette and corn salad L

Warm courgette and corn salad

Try with diced celery or broccoli in place of courgette.

Easy dressings

Easy dressings

Dressings turn a salad into something special. Try any of these six delicious recipes.

Slow roasted tomato and eggplant salad L v2

Slow-roasted tomato & eggplant salad

Roasting tomatoes enhances their flavour, delicious with fried eggplants.

Corn red cabbage and smoked fish salad med

Corn and red cabbage salad with smoked fish

An easy one pan meal packed with vegetables.

Beetroot carrot and apple salad L

Beetroot, carrot and apple salad

Try serving this in lettuce leaves, for a great way to Add One More Veg.

Smashed cucmber salad l med

Smashed Cucumber Salad

Refreshingly delicious and extremely addictive..

Chicken and lime vermicelli salad

Chicken and lime vermicelli salad

Use surimi, ham, fish, or any cooked meat instead of chicken.

Greens Galore L v2

Greens galore

A great way to enjoy green vegetables, hot or as a chilled salad.

Indian maple carrots

Indian maple carrots

Super simple with sensational flavour.

Guacamole L


Always popular and so easy. Add One More Veg with sliced capsicum or cauliflower florets on the side too.