Savoury vegetables and mince L high

Savoury vegetables and mince

A family favourite one pot meal, easy to pack in lots of veg.

Crunchy red cabbage salad

Crunchy red cabbage salad

This salad is downright yummy and so easy to make, it'll become your go-to summer salad for sure!

Shallot and coriander dressing with summer vegetables L med v2

Shallot and coriander dressing

Try this over various other vegetables.

Pumpkin risotto L high preferred v2

Pumpkin risotto

Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds for added crunch.

Celery cucumber and melon salad

Beans, celery, cucumber and melon salad

A refreshing salad perfect in late summer

Cabbage and pork broth L high preferred v2

Cabbage and pork broth

Serve with crusty bread rolls for a quick and tasty meal.

Roast vegetable salad with orange and rosemary dressing L

Roast vegetable salad with orange and rosemary dressing

The sauce compliments these roasted vegetables perfectly.

Veges 13a

Kūmara pizza bases

A delicious pizza base or flatbread and top with your favourite vegetables.

Thai vegetables soup L high

Thai vegetable soup

Delicious winter warmer. Kūmara can be used in place of pumpkin.

Silverbeet and chicken noodle soup L

Silverbeet and chicken noodle soup

A popular soup with a twist, adding nutritious silverbeet.

Brussels sprouts with orange sauce L

Brussels sprouts with orange sauce

Brussels sprouts and orange - wow, what an awesome combination.

Green smoothie L

Green smoothie

Kale, spinach and silverbeet pack a punch of goodness.

Caramelised brussels sprouts pear and walnut salad L

Caramelised Brussels sprouts, pear and walnuts

This stunning dish will make you fall in love with Brussels sprouts.

Roasted parsnip and kumara with Lentils L preferred high v2

Roasted parsnip and kūmara with lentils

Delicious sweet winter parsnips and kūmara pair beautifully with lentils in this hearty dish.

Spiced Cauliflower L v2

Spiced cauliflower

Spice and cauliflower are a great match and make a delicious side dish.


Roasted parsnip pilaf with silverbeet and chicken

Delicious and easy one pan dinner

Yams onions and lentils v2

Yams, onions and lentils

Crisp yams and delicious flavours make this a super dish in the cooler months.

Winter vegetable stir fry L v2

Winter vegetable stir fry

Delicious, crunchy and colourful

Leek swede gratin L v3

Leek and swede gratin

A delicious alternative to a popular gratin.

Rice bowl with braised leek crispy Brussel sprouts v3

Rice bowl with braised leek & Brussels sprouts

Really tasty meal for two. Full of the goodness of greens and brown rice.

Roasted miso broccoli with spring onions L

Roasted miso broccoli with spring onions

Popular with kids and adults alike!

Pumpkin moroccan soup L

Moroccan roast pumpkin soup

The Moroccan spices are a great boost of flavour.

minestrone soup

Minestrone soup

A hearty soup, ideal for a cool day.

Spinach with pine nuts

Spinach with sultanas and pine nuts

The is a delicious combination of spinach with sultanas and pine nuts.