Veges 8


This is a super easy version of a classic dish. It is delicious with pasta, baked kūmara, served on pizza, stacked between flat breads, with corn chips or tacos.

Veges 10a


A quick and easy meal for anytime of day. Try adding spinach, tomato and mushroom too.

Veges 9

Pea bruschetta

Great for entertaining.

Vegetable frittata L high

Vegetable frittata with bacon

Try this delicious easy frittata - a tasty gluten free dish.

Vegetable and Mussel Chowder

Vegetable and mussel chowder

Pack this one full of vegetables.

Bok choy capsicum and beef stir fry L v2

Bok choy, capsicum and beef stir fry

Easy to make with chicken, beef, pork or lamb.

Poached fish broccoli ginger 615x410

Poached fish curry with broccoli and ginger

The flavours of ginger, garlic and chilli add zing to this dish.

Harissa paste

Harissa paste

This fiery paste is a great ingredient for savoury dishes.

Cauliflower Rice B

Spiced cauliflower rice

Try this great-tasting dish using cauliflower and family-favourite vegetables.

Spinach and rocket with curried lentils and pumpkin L v3

Spinach and rocket with curried lentils and pumpkin

As tasty as it is colourful, can be served warm or cool.

Eggplant and kumara green curry

Kūmara and eggplant green curry

Make this your own with vegetables you love.

Bok Choy slaw 615x410

Bok choy slaw

So quick to make, crunchy and delicious.

Vegetable soup with turmeric L v2

Vegetable soup with fresh turmeric

Vegetable soup is always popular, the flavour is boosted with fresh turmeric.

Smoked pumpkin with minted couscous L med v2

Smoked pumpkin with minted couscous

Try either butternut or pumpkin.

Breakfast eggs with tomato and spinach v2

Breakfast eggs with tomato & spinach

Eggs and vegetables are a great breakfast to fill you up for a big day.

Beetroot and carrot juice

Beetroot and carrot juice

Simple, delicious.

Eggplant carpaccio lrg v2

Eggplant carpaccio with pomegranate

Delicious and a stunning dish to impress your guests!

Tabbouleh salad and cauliflower couscous L v2

Cauliflower tabbouleh salad

Fresh, nutritious and full of flavour.

Vegetables and smoked fish kedgeree L v2

Vegetable and smoked fish kedgeree

Vegetables with smoked fish and rice makes a fabulous one pan meal.

Caramalised roast vegetable salad L high

Caramelised roast vegetable salad

Roasting really enhances the flavours of these delicious veg.

Rockmelon baby spinach feta and bacon salad

Rockmelon, baby spinach, feta and bacon salad

The sweetness of the melon goes beautifully with the savoury feta and bacon.

Corn chowder

Corn chowder

Try this using fresh summer sweetcorn, or frozen corn any time of the year.

Kumara Pumpkin bake J high v2

Kūmara and pumpkin bake

So easy to make and delicious - a crowd pleaser

Watermelon rocket and smoked chicken salad

Watermelon, rocket and smoked chicken salad

A satisfying lunch or light meal that's refreshing and super tasty.